Sunday 4 August 2013

The International Climate Negotiations ... is there hope? And what does it mean for Australia? (and other countries?)

I was recently asked to give a presentation on the international climate negotiations - is there hope?  As you'll see I assess what went wrong in the lead up to Copenhagen, and whether things are different in the lead up to 2015.  I won't give away the punchline - you've only got to get to slide 8 to read my answer to "is there hope".  The rest of the presentation is thoughts on what we need to get a good international climate agreement - within the negotiations and domestically.

The presentation can be downloaded from slideshare here, and via google docs here.  And for the super keen the video of me delivering it is here (but I have added a slide to the slideshow version, based on the discussion we had when I delivered it in Melbourne and Sydney).

I'd welcome your comments below on whether you think I'm on the money. 

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